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Alpine Pharmaceuticals

Alpine Pharmaceuticals is the creator of SINECCH -- The unique high dosage regimen of homeopathic Arnica with 4 clinical studies proving statistically significant reduction of post-surgical bruising and swelling. SINECCH compares favorably to steroids1 to statistically reduce post-op swelling!

Use SINECCH for post-op recovery & SINECCHi for smaller procedures.

We are THE Arnica Experts!

1 “A Randomized, Controlled Comparison between Arnica and Steroids in the Management of Postrhinoplasty Ecchymosis and Edema”, Ali Totonchi, M.D., Bahman Guyuron, M.D., Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Volume 120, Number 1, July 2007, pgs. 271-274
Package of SINECCH™ (homeopathic Arnica Montana)


Package of SINECCH™ (homeopathic Arnica Montana) Order SINECCH for surgical recovery

One package of SINECCH (homeopathic Arnica Montana) is designed to treat one patient for one surgery. The convenient four-day regimen contains 12 capsules individually labeled to be taken three times a day, starting the day of surgery. This will help speed your recovery.

Order SINECCHonline now by clicking on the “order” button below. One package of SINECCH™ is $29.95; add the shipping charge determined below.



Package of SINECCHi™ Order SINECCHi for a faster recovery after injections, fillers and minor surgical procedures.

One package of SINECCHi contains 4 capsules and is designed to treat the minor bruising and swelling associate with minor procedures. The capsules are taken every 6 hours for 24 hours, starting at the time of the procedure.

One package of SINECCHi is $12.95.

Package of SINECCHi™

We invite you to explore our website to discover more about SINECCH and about us. Below you can read about how safe and effective SINECCH is in our clinical research trials and professional testimonials. For further information, please contact us at 888-746-3224, or at


SINECCH is THE Arnica Montana Clinically Proven to Reduce Bruising and Swelling After Surgery!

SINECCH (pronounced sinn' ekk) is a unique, high strength dosage regimen of homeopathic Arnica montana.

SINECCH has been clinically proven in four research studies to produce statistically significant reductions in bruising and swelling after surgery. In addition, SINECCH has been safely used for hundreds of thousands of plastic surgeries since its introduction in 1997, making it an increasingly common treatment in many types of surgeries. Physicians and patients alike find that SINECCH helps speed the post-operative recovery process by effectively reducing swelling and bruising.

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Safe & Effective
Safety of SINECCH

Demonstrated in 3-Year Clinical Study

In a Post Marketing Surveillance Study conducted in South Korea, SINECCH was given to 650 patients for 57 kinds of surgery over a 3-year period. Out of these 650 patients, no cases of adverse effects were reported from using SINECCH.

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Proven Results
Effectiveness of SINECCH

Proven in Clinical Studies

Four clinical research studies including facelift, rhinoplasty and liposuction surgeries have proven that SINECCH is statistically significant in the reduction of post-operative swelling and bruising.

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Trusted by Medical Professionals
Read what others have to say:

"All the patients love it! Some patients have no bruising or swelling after their procedures which I find to be incredible."
Kimberly Henry MD FACS

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What Is Arnica Montana?

We are the Arnica Experts!

Arnica montana is a daisy-like plant that grows wild in much of Europe, especially in the Alps. Also known simply as "Arnica," it has been used herbally in Europe for hundreds of years for the reduction of bruising and swelling and to shorten recovery time following physical trauma.

Homeopathically-prepared Arnica is a pharmaceutical medicine derived from the Arnica montana plant. When prepared as a homeopathic medicine, Arnica is safe to take orally and is regulated by FDA as an over-the-counter medication. Homeopathic Arnica, especially when in the higher strengths, becomes particularly effective for recovering from major surgery, as proven by four clinical research studies.

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